The You Choose Party (YCP) is recruiting candidates to stand for the party at the next UK general election, which is scheduled for May 2024. If you would like to register your interest to stand as a candidate, contact the YCP, indicating the constituency in which you would like to stand for election.

If the YCP has sufficient public support in the run-up to the next UK general election, candidates will be required to:

  • prove their legal eligibility to stand as a candidate;

  • convince the YCP of their loyalty to, dedication to, and passion for, the YCP's cause;

  • raise the deposit money (the figure is £500 per candidate, but this could change);

  • make a one-off donation to the YCP to cover administrative costs; and

  • canvass during the election campaign, in the constituency in which they are to stand.

YCP MPs will be required to:

  • take the oath of allegiance, or make a solemn affirmation, to the Crown;

  • meet the requirements of being a Member of Parliament;

  • support the YCP's cause, including voting in accordance with the YCP; and

  • vacate their seat as and when required.

The YCP intends to have its leader, Martin Bristow, to be the party's candidate in the constituency of Arfon in North West Wales. 


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